Last update 28.3.2017

Keilaniemi station

The importance of Keilaniemi as a divider is emphasised in the station's architectural planning: the area functions as a divider between work and housing, the sea and the land, and the vicinity of a boundary between two cities.

  • Keilaniemi station will be located on the narrow strip between Karhusaarentie and Keilaniementie, next to Fortum's head office at Keilaniementie 3.
  • There will be two separate entrance buildings to the metro station; a southern building with the main entrance, and a northern building that will be located close to the curve in Keilaniementie.
  • The station will serve approximately 10,000 passengers daily.
  • The station is being designed by ALA Oy + Esa Piironen Oy.
For more information, please visit the city of Espoo page regarding Ring I construction in Keilaniemi (in Finnish).

Illustration: Keilaniemi station. "The proposed work of art by artists Grönlund and Nisunen constructed of tube lights is an essential part of the overall plan."