Keilaniemi station

Together with the nearby Otaniemi area, Keilaniemi forms one of the largest science, research and business hubs in the Nordic countries. The Keilaniemi metro station is situated next to Fortum’s head office, on a narrow strip between Karhusaarentie and Keilaniementie, at the address Keilaniementie 3. The metro station has two entrance buildings: the main south entrance, and the north entrance near the bend in Keilaniementie road.

The architecture of Keilaniemi station highlights the area’s role as a divider between work and home and the sea and land, as well as its location near the boundary between two cities. The cool, streamlined and metallic glow of the surrounding cluster of office buildings is reflected in the station’s appearance. The platform area ceiling includes an art installation of tube lights by artist duo Grönlund & Nisunen. The metro station was designed by ALA Oy + Esa Piironen Oy.

The Keilaniemi area is a blend of innovation, technology and business life. With the head offices of many major Finnish companies as well as international businesses and start-ups located in the vicinity of the new metro station, the metro will provide both employees and visitors easier access to the area. The metro will enable the Keilaniemi area’s development both as a place of employment and as a residential area. Some 3,800 people live in the Otaniemi–Keilaniemi area, but that figure is estimated to grow to 15,000 by the year 2050. The number of jobs is also expected to increase from the current figure of just under 8,000 to roughly 11,000.

For more information, please visit the City of Espoo website at Ring I construction in Keilaniemi.

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