Last update 28.3.2017

Urheilupuisto station

The themes of the station will be energy, motion, youth, strength, growth and colour. As opposed to other stations of the west metro, Urheilupuisto Station will not be constructed in bedrock.

  • Urheilupuisto Station will be situated in Niittymaa, at the northern edge of Jousenpuisto Park, south of the sports grounds. Its street address is Jousenpuistonkatu 2.
  • The entrance to the station will be located at the western end of the station, along Koivu-Mankkaan tie.
  • The ticket hall will be located just below ground level.
  • The platform will be around 27 metres below ground level.
  • The station will be used by approximately 10,000 passengers every day.
  • The station is being designed by HKP Oy.

Illustration: Urheilupuisto station