Urheilupuisto station

The themes of the station are energy, motion, youth, strength, growth and colour. Unlike other west metro stations, Urheilupuisto Station will not be constructed in bedrock.

  • Urheilupuisto Station is situated in Niittymaa at the northern edge of Jousenpuisto Park, south of the sports grounds. Its street address is Jousenpuistonkatu 2.
  • The entrance is located at the western end of the station, along Koivu-Mankkaan tie.
  • The ticket hall is located just below ground level.
  • The platform is at a depth of around 27 metres below ground level.
  • Daily passengers: 13,000 (Strafica estimate in 2015 for the year 2025.)
  • The station building is designed to allow daylight to reach the escalators all the way to platform level.
  • The station was designed by Arkkitehtitoimisto HKP Oy.