Last update 4.2.2016

Matinkylä station

Matinkylä station will be located on the empty lot at the southern end of the Iso Omena shopping centre. The main entrance will lie at the east end of the station, on the square located on the corner of Piispansilta and Suomenlahdentie. The ticket hall will be located one floor below ground level, and it will also be accessible from the shopping centre and the park and ride facilities.

Matinkylä will be the end of the line station at the first phase of the west metro, and it is therefore an important centre of feeder traffic; it is estimated that more than 30,000 passengers go through Matinkylä station each day.

Matinkylä station will be part of the Matinkylä metro centre project in which a shopping centre and a bus terminal will be constructed on top of the metro station. Matinkylä station will be closely integrated with overground structures.

Matinkylä station is being designed by HKP Oy.

Illustration: Matinkylä station