Matinkylä station

The Matinkylä station will be located on the empty lot at the southern end of the Iso Omena shopping centre. Matinkylä is the end of the line, making it an important feeder traffic hub which is estimated to be used by over 30,000 passengers daily. Based on passenger forecasts it will be the busiest station of the new line.

The main entrance will lie at the east end of the station, on the square located on the corner of Piispansilta and Suomenlahdentie. The ticket hall is to be located one floor below ground level, accessible from the shopping centre and the park and ride facilities. The platform will be approximately 25 metres below ground level.

The block where the station will be located is owned by the city, and is expected to witness a boom in complementary construction. The plan for the block allows the placement of commercial services, offices or even residential buildings. The metro will make Matinkylä an important hub which is expected to attract both new businesses and residents.

Photo: This rendering of the Matinkylä station is a draft from the design phase and does not necessarily represent how it might eventually look.

Matinkylä in brief

• Station to be situated at the southern end of the Iso Omena shopping centre
• Feeder traffic station
• End of the line
• Around 30,000 passengers daily