The Matinkylä metro station opened on Saturday 18 November 2017, when metro traffic on the Ruoholahti–Matinkylä section started up.  The Matinkylä metro station construction contract was implemented by  Lemminkäinen Infra Oy.

The design of the platform area ceiling was inspired by white clouds and frost. The ceiling surface is made up of alternating white aluminium plates. The Matinkylä metro station was designed by Arkkitehtitoimisto HKP Oy.


The Matinkylä metro station is connected to the Iso Omena shopping centre’s and Matinkylä’s bus terminal. Matinkylä is an important feeder traffic hub in Espoo. The station’s street address is Suomenlahdentie 1.

The metro station has two entrances: an east and west entrance. The east entrance connects to the shopping centre and bus terminal, and the west entrance leads to Suomenlahdentie and Tynnyritie.

The station and entrances are wheelchair-accessible.

HSL’s web page

HSL is responsible for planning and acquiring public transport for its operating area. On HSL’s web page you can find more information about the new metro section, the locations of entrances and bus stops, park and ride spaces and the feeder network route.

Matinkylä as an area in Espoo

An estimated 70,000 residents will live in the metro’s Matinkylä catchment area in the coming decades. A swimming hall was opened in the Tynnyripuisto area in spring 2022. An upper secondary school and sports hall are also under construction. The area will also include new residential housing.

The Matinkylä metro station is connected to the Iso Omena shopping centre, which houses some 200 shops, a food court and the City of Espoo’s Service Centre.

Matinkylän metroaseman metrolaiturilta näkyy läntinen sisäänkäynnin liukuportaat, joiden seinän väritys muuttuu oranssista punaisen kautta violettiin