Rail line

The construction of the Matinkylä-Kivenlahti line will begin in June 2018 and will be carried out by Graniittirakennus Kallio Oy. The contract involves the construction of seven kilometres of railway line and seven shafts and 32 connecting tunnels.

The shafts will be built at intervals of approximately 600m in holes excavated on the surface, for the purposes of ventilation, smoke extraction and pressure equalisation. The shafts will also be used as emergency exits. The connecting tunnels will interconnect the two parallel tunnels and ensure the safety of the metro in emergency situations. The connecting tunnels will be around 150–170 metres apart.

Rail tunnel structures are being simultaneously built for three sections: Matinkylä-Kaitaa, Kaitaa-Espoonlahti and Espoonlahti-Kivenlahti. During the construction phase, quiet work may be done around the clock, but noisy work may be done according to the noise permit issued by the Espoo Environment Agency:

  • weekdays from Monday to Friday, 7am-6pm
  • weekdays 6pm-10pm and 9am-6pm on non-bank holiday Saturdays (on up to 10 Saturdays), if the noise level of the work is a maximum of 35dB in nearby residences

How is a tunnel built?

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