Aalto University

The Aalto University metro station opened on Saturday 18 November 2017, when metro traffic on the Ruoholahti–Matinkylä section started up.  The metro station construction contract was implemented by  YIT Rakennus Oy.

The atmosphere in the station and its entrances is created by the pre-patinated corten suspended ceiling that blends in with the red-brick campus surroundings. The corten-steel suspended ceiling follows commuters on their journey through the station, from the ticket hall to the escalators and platform area. The metro station was designed by ALA Oy + Esa Piironen Oy.


The metro station is situated on the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi, Espoo. The station’s street address is Otaniementie 12.

The Aalto University metro station has two entrances.The main entrance to the Aalto University metro station is on the west side of Otaniementie and connects directly to the Aalto University campus.  The west entrance is located at Tietotie 4.

The station and entrances are wheelchair-accessible.

HSL’s web page

HSL is responsible for planning and acquiring public transport for its operating area. On HSL’s web page you can find more information about the new metro section, the locations of entrances and bus stops, park and ride spaces and the feeder network route.

Otaniemi as an area in Espoo

Otaniemi is the main campus of Aalto University.  In addition to the university, the campus is home to, for instance, a cluster of more than 100 start-ups, A Grid, VTT, the Harald Herlin Learning Centre, Design Factory and Open Innovation House, which also houses the Pohjois-Tapiola upper secondary school. The metro facilitates a smoother commute for both university and upper secondary school students, as well as for school staff and international guests. The Jokeri Light Rail line will run through Otaniemi.

The population of the Otaniemi–Keilaniemi area is expected to grow to 15,000 by 2050.


The Aalto University metro station.


The Aalto University metro station.

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