The Finnoo station construction contract started in October 2018. The contract is being implemented by a consortium formed by GRK Infra Oy and Aki Hyrkkönen Oy. The excavation contract for the station and the rail tunnels was completed in August 2018.

Contact information for the Finnoo station construction contract:

Worksite address: Suomenlahdentie 64

“Worksite address: Suomenlahdentie 64 (Many traffic changes to the area due to the construction of Finnoo, the old address Hyljeluodontie 5 can be entered in navigators)”

On-duty worksite phone: +358 (0)50 516 7606
TYL LM Finnoo (GRK Infra Oy and Aki Hyrkkönen Oy consortium), contact person: jaakko.makela(at)

Other worksite addresses:

Finnoonsilta entrance: Suomenlahdentie 60
East-end technical shaft: Suomenlahdentie 62
West-end technical shaft:   Suomenlahdentie 64

The stations’ shafts are built as part of the rail line construction contract. The locations of the shafts and metro stations can be found in Länsimetro’s follow-up service.