Länsimetro has built the Kivenlahti metro station, which includes the Kivenlahdentie and Kivenlahdentori entrances and technical buildings. The construction contract was implemented by Skanska Infra Oy. In addition, Länsimetro is building the Kivenlahti park and ride facility. The construction contract of Finnoo metro station ended on Friday, 13 May 2022. The Kivenlahti metro station will be opened for traffic simultaneously with the other stations during 2023.

Information about moving around at the station

The Kivenlahdentori entrance will be available to passengers when the metro service starts.

The Kivenlahdentie entrance will not be open to passengers when the metro service starts due to other construction ongoing in the area. This entrance will be opened once construction in the area around the entrance is completed.

When the metro service starts, 60 park and ride spaces for bicycles will be available at the Kivenlahdentori entrance.

The park and ride facility located next to the Kivenlahdentie entrance will have 650 park and ride spaces for cars and 50 park and ride spaces for bicycles. These will be available to passengers when the metro service starts, although the Kivenlahdentie entrance will not be open to passengers.

Contact information for the Kivenlahti station construction contract

Address of the worksite base: Kivenlahdentie 15-17

Other worksite addresses:
Kivenlahti service tunnel: Kivenlahdentie 17, 02320 Espoo
Kivenlahdentie entrance: Kivenlahdentie 17, 02320 Espoo
Kivenlahdentori entrance: Kivenlahdentie 18, 02320 Espoo

Direct phone line to the worksite: +358 (0)50 402 3044
Petri Mälkiä (Skanska Infra Oy): petri.malkia(at), +358 (0)50 370 4728

Further information about the worksite:
Länsimetro’s feedback line (Mon–Fri, 9 am to 1 pm) +358 (0)50 377 3700

Information on the development of the Kivenlahti area is available on the City of Espoo’s website

Aerial picture of Kivenlahti.

Kivenlahti metro station

Aerial picture of Kivenlahdentori entrance

Kivenlahdentori entrance

Aerial picture of Kivenlahdentie entrance

Kivenlahdentie entrance