Park & Ride facilities

Park & Ride facilities for cars have been arranged as part of the West Metro stations. Some of the Park & Ride facilities at the metro stations are indoor parking facilities, some are outdoor parking areas. Länsimetro Oy owns the Matinkylä (350 parking spots) and Kivenlahti (650 parking spots) Park & Ride facilities, as well as part of the Tapiola central parking facility for the metro’s Park & Ride facility (370 parking spots). The bus terminals are Länsimetro Oy’s subsidiaries.


Information required for commuting and using the Park & Ride facilities can be found in HSL’s route planner. The route planner also contains information on, among other things, the locations, number of parking spots, prices and opening hours of all the Park & Ride areas.

As the owner of the Park & Ride infrastructure, Länsimetro’s task is to arrange the operation of the Park & Ride facility, and to maintain and develop the parking facilities to better serve users. The operator of the Park & Ride facilities owned by Länsimetro is Aimo Park Finland Oy in Matinkylä and Tapiola, and EuroPark Finland Oy in Kivenlahti.

As part of planning and acquiring public transport in its operating area, HSL is also responsible for the overall Park & Ride facilities and for marketing and providing commuter information on the Park & Ride facilities. All commuter information related to the Park & Ride facilities is available on HSL’s website.

The Matinkylä and Tapiola Park & Ride facilities were opened to the public in November 2017 at the same time as passenger traffic on the Ruoholahti–Matinkylä metro section began. The Kivenlahti Park & Ride facility was opened to the public in April 2023. The second phase of Länsimetro’s construction project plan also includes the construction of a Park & Ride facility in Kaitaa, as well as Park & Ride facilities in Finnoo and Soukka.

The Kivenlahti Park & Ride facility is located at the metro line’s western terminal in Kivenlahti. Photo: M. Partanen.