The metro station opened on Saturday 3 December 2022, when metro traffic on the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section started up. The Finnoo metro station has the Finnoonsilta entrance, the Meritie entrance and technical buildings.  The Finnoo metro station construction contract was implemented by the consortium of GRK Infra Oy and Aki Hyrkkönen Oy.

The architecture of the Finnoo metro station takes influences from Espoo’s maritime environment and nearby nature. The metro station’s glass, metal and concrete surfaces are softened by the colour tones inspired by the area’s coastal nature and bird wetlands. The glass surfaces of the building’s facade feature graphical patterns reminiscent of bird wetland grasses, while the colour scheme of the interior spaces is inspired by the warm tones of the sea and coast. The metro station was designed by PES-Arkkitehdit Oy. The art featured in the metro station, Leena Nio’s “Haavekuvia” (Dream images), is also a nod to the maritime environment and nature


The Finnoo metro station is located in Espoo’s new district, Finnoo. Construction of the Finnoo district is still in progress. Finnoo is being built into a maritime residential area close to nature and with good public transport connections.

The metro station has two entrance buildings: Finnoonsilta and Meritie. At the Finnoonsilta entrance, four side-by-side lifts run between the entrance level and the intermediate level. The lifts are straight-through lifts, which means people enter from one side and exit from the other. Lift and escalator access is provided from the intermediate level to the metro platform. The street address of entrance is Finnoonsilta 36.

Lift and escalator access is provided from the Meritie entrance to the intermediate level. The entrance is home to Finland’s longest escalators, which have a lifting height of approximately 34.5 metres and a length of roughly 78 metres. Inclined lifts run alongside the escalators. Lift and escalator access is provided from the intermediate level to metro platform. The street address of entrance is Meritie 10.

The station and entrances are wheelchair-accessible.


HSL’s web page

HSL is responsible for planning and acquiring public transport for its operating area. On HSL’s web page Metro to Kivenlahti, you can find more information about the new metro section, the locations of entrances and bus stops, park and ride spaces and the feeder network route.

Finnoo as an area in Espoo

Finnoo is a new seaside neighbourhood in Espoo. Construction in the area is under way and will continue for several years. Stretching from the Länsiväylä motorway to the seashore, Finnoo is being developed into a residential neighbourhood for 17,000 residents with a high-rise centre around the metro station.

Aerial picture of Finnoo area

The entrance of Meritie. Photo: Iiro Mikola, Optivision.

Aerial picture of Finnoonsilta entrance

The entrance of Finnoonsilta. Photo: Iiro Mikola, Optivision.

The platform of Finnoo metrostation. Photo. M. Partanen.

The art of Finnoon metrostation. Photo. M. Partanen.