Länsimetro is building the Soukka metro station, which includes the Soukantori and Yläkartanontie entrances and technical buildings. The construction contract is being implemented by the consortium of YIT Rakennus Oy and Are Oy. The Soukka metro station will be opened for traffic simultaneously with the other stations during 2023.

Information about moving around at the station

Both entrances will likely be opened to passengers when the metro service starts. The City has plans to develop  the Soukantori neighbourhood, among other things, which means that construction work in the area may affect the use of the Soukantori entrance.

Direct lift and escalator access is provided from the Yläkartanontie entrance to the platform.

Direct lift access is provided from the Soukantori entrance’s Soukka shopping centre level to the platform level.From the Soukantie road level, passengers first take the stairs or a lift to access the Soukantori square level.

When the metro service starts, 350 park and ride spaces will be available for bicycles.

When the metro service starts, 28 temporary park and ride spaces will be available for cars.

Contact information for the Soukka station construction contract

Address of the worksite base: Soukantie 12, 02360 Espoo

Other worksite addresses:
Soukantori entrance: Soukantie 14, 02360, Espoo
Yläkartanontie entrance: Yläkartanontie 29, 02360 Espoo
Yläkartanonkuja technical shaft: Yläkartanontie 30, 02360 Espoo
Soukka service tunnel: Soukanväylä 7, 02360 Espoo

Direct phone line to the worksite: +358 (0)40 628 8161
TYL YIT-ARE RU23 contact person: juhakristian.koskela(at)

Further information about the worksite:
Länsimetro’s feedback line (Mon–Fri, 9 am to 1 pm) +358 (0)50 377 3700

Decision on noise from excavation and construction work at the Soukka metro station (PDF, in Finnish)

Information on the development of the Soukka area is available on the City of Espoo’s website

Aerial picture of Soukka area

Soukka metro station

Aerial picture of Soukantori entrance

Soukantori entrance

Aerial picture of Yläkartanontie entrance.

Yläkartanontie entrance