Tapiola station

The Tapiola metro station is characterised by its white and open space. The back-lit white glass walls add to the ambience of the station as a spacious and high-roofed area that expands towards the ticket sales level. Tapiola station will be the second western end-of-the-line station and an important centre for feeder traffic. The station is adjacent to a bus terminal that will be opened to traffic in early 2019. Until then, several other construction projects will be ongoing in the Tapiola centre. The third stage of shopping centre Ainoa will be built over the Sammonsilta entrance.

  • Tapiola station is situated below Merituulentie, and its street address is Merituulentie 1. The station platform is accessible by escalator and elevator from the temporary Sammonsilta entry. The address for Sammonsilta is Länsituulenkuja 1-3.
  • The station will be an integral part of the shopping centre, above the metro line and other services in Tapiola.
  • Daily passengers: 26,000 (Strafica estimate in 2015 for the year 2025.)
  • The platform area is encircled by an urban platform serving the pedestrian connection between Tapiola Park and the south side of Merituulentie.
  • The platform area ceiling has 108 light fixtures that act as acoustic dampers. The lamps have several functions, from dampening the acoustic environment of the metro line’s only two-storied station to providing lighting and room for technical services, such as sprinklers and loudspeakers. Their load-bearing structure is a fibreglass hood made of fire-resistant resin, with a two-sided coating of fire-resistant acoustic foam. The bottom edge of the hood is skirted by a LED band that illuminates its interior surface. Sixteen of the lights contain loudspeakers, and the geometrical design of the hoods directs and delimits the direction of the sound and enhances the audibility of announcements. Each of the lights also contains a sprinkler nozzle.
  • At the station platform, passengers are greeted by the sculpture “Emma leaves a trace” by Kim Simonsson.
  • Tapiola station was designed by APRT Arkkitehtityöhuone Artto Palo Rossi Tikka Oy.

The remaining construction projects in the Tapiola area will continue after the metro line is open to traffic. The bus terminal should be completed in early 2019. Information on ongoing and future projects in the centre area, including their schedules, is available at the address www.tapiolankeskus.fi.