Metro infrastructure

As the metro system and infrastructure owner, Länsimetro ensures that the West Metro’s metro system and its stations provide a safe and reliable commuting environment throughout their lifecycle. Länsimetro Oy owns, maintains and develops the metro system, tracks and stations from Helsinki’s Ruoholahti westwards, right up until Kivenlahti in Espoo. The metro section encompasses 13 metro stations, an underground metro depot in Sammalvuori and a 21-kilometre-long rail section. Länsimetro also owns the infrastructure that serves feeder traffic, for instance, Park & Ride facilities and bus terminals.


The West Metro comprises 13 metro stations. Commuter traffic on the Ruoholahti–Matinkylä section began in November 2017 and on the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section on 3 December 2022. Read about the West Metro stations.


The length of the metro line owned by Länsimetro is 21 kilometres


There is one underground metro depot in the West Metro section.


The metro was designed to last and was built for at least 100 years. For example, challenging tunnel conditions were taken into account during the construction of the tunnel and support structures. The structures and systems of the metro’s infrastructure are maintained and serviced according to carefully drawn up maintenance plans, and they are replaced if necessary to ensure that they last for the metro’s entire life cycle. Länsimetro’s up-to-date maintenance log is a key part of the metro’s seamless operation, the efficient management of the metro infrastructure’s life cycle and the West Metro’s maintenance.

The solutions of the West Metro’s infrastructure are among the most modern and safest of the world’s metros. The West Metro has HVAC and electricity systems required by a modern metro system, as well as 52 different systems that interoperate simultaneously when necessary.

Länsimetro does not own any metro trains. More information about the metro fleet is available on Metropolitan Area Transport’s website.