Station art

Art will be incorporated into the architecture of each of the West Metro’s phase two stations to make the stations more attractive, inviting and recognisable.

More images of the creations can be found in the image bank.

Watch a video on the artwork.

Finnoo: Leena Nio; figurative artwork “Haavekuvia” (Dream images)

  • The figurative artwork has been inspired by a marine theme, depicting details of the seaside in the form of hidden pictures.
  • The installation consists of two separate layers of images. The top layer features around thirty different squares with laser-cut holes through which the bright, ombre-painted second layer can be seen.
  • The installation engages in a dialogue with the wavy surface of the opposite wall.
  • The imagery captures details of coastal nature and is meant to be a source of inspiration, time and time again.
  • The artwork will provide metro passengers with a spark for free association or daydreaming.

Kaitaa: Antti Tanttu; figurative and graphic artwork “Juurtuminen” (Rooting)

  • The installation will be made on the platform walls using either laser or water cutting, in 5-mm aluminium sheet.
  • The piece is a graphically stylised network of roots, spanning almost the entire length of the platform.
  • Juurtuminen (Rooting) refers to settling down and getting to know your residential environment.
  • Rooting  is a long process; it requires time, life events and people

Soukka: Taneli Rautiainen; art installation “Sfäärit” (Spheres)

  • The proposal consists of four different elements (spheres), which are located vertically in different parts of the metro station from the platform level to the ticket hall.
  • The installation will consist of lights and metal sheet structures reminiscent of a rock cutting.
  • The spheres will depict a rock cutting, cloud cover, shooting stars and constellations.
  • The artwork will be located in different parts of the station, from the platform level to the entrance.




Espoonlahti: Hans Rosenström; light and sound installation “Varjot veden pinnalla” (Shadows on the water)

  • A sound and light installation in the middle part of the platform.
  • A slowly moving pattern of light, reminiscent of light reflected from the surface of water, will be projected onto the ceiling of the platform’s mid-section.
  • The installation involves a quietly humming human voice.
  • The installation will be calm and meditative.
  • The light and sound of the installation will shift and change location and shape throughout the day.



Kivenlahti: Kalle Mustonen; sculpture “Kulkijat” (Wanderers)

  • Kivenlahti is the terminal station and the Wanderers are a landmark for the final stop.
  • The creation consists of two approximately two- and three-metre-high humoristic wooden figures in the middle of the metro platform.
  • Created in warm wood, the sculpture contrasts with the station’s light tones.
  • The figures are endearing and will stand the test of time.