City will grow along the rail connections

The West Metro will bring rail traffic to Espoo’s southern areas, in turn supporting the growth and development of the metro’s catchment area. Länsimetro’s aim is to build unique, inviting metro stations that are both architecturally interesting and made from long-lasting materials. The metro stations offer a promise of what lies above. Through the choice of materials, lighting and art, each station’s architecture is a reflection of the area’s urban character, and at the same time makes it easier for commuters to distinguish one station from another. All West Metro stations and entrances are wheelchair-accessible.

The architectural planning objectives of metro stations:

  • passenger safety, fire exit and emergency exit functionality, enhanced sense of safety through lighting and other means
  • obstacle-free access
  • efficient feeder traffic
  • integration with the surrounding cityscape through lighting, materials, acoustics, art, etc.
  • functional spaces, routes and signage
  • urban structure integration, augmentation and cohesion
  • maintenance: technical solutions, materials, spare parts, supply, maintenance facilities
  • economy