Lauttasaari station

The main entrance to the Lauttasaari metro station is situated in connection with the Lauttis shopping centre, at the cross-street of Kauppaneuvoksentie 16 and Otavantie 9. There is another entrance on the street Gyldénintie, on the east side of Lahnalahdenpuisto park, at the address Gyldénintie 2a. Thanks to the metro, the area has been developed such that a new shopping centre, i.e. Lauttis, was built to replace the old shopping centre, and three new apartment buildings were built in connection with Lauttis.

The Lauttasaari metro station was designed by Helin & Co Architects. The architectural design theme for the Lauttasaari station is water, but in the form of snow and ice. The themes for the Lauttasaari and Koivusaari stations are related. A column reminiscent of Lauttasaari’s old water tower was included in the architectural design of the column structure at Lauttis’s west entrance.

Uloskäynti Lauttasaaren metroaseman metrolaiturilta Otavantielle.

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Lauttasaaren metroaseman aisäänkäynti kauppakeskus Lauttiksesta.

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