The metro station opened on Saturday 3 December 2022, when metro traffic on the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section started up. The Kaitaa metro station has the Kaitaantie entrance, the Iivisniemenkallio entrance and technical buildings. The construction contract for the Kaitaa metro station was implemented by the consortium of YIT Suomi Oy and Are Oy.

The architectural theme of the Kaitaa metro station is “lush courtyards”, in keeping with the area’s nature and urban planning themes. The station’s architecture combines metal, glass and concrete finishes with the warm tones of the area’s characteristic pine forests. Shapes and tones that hint at the pine forest atmosphere are used in the interior spaces of the metal-clad buildings. Both entrances to the Kaitaa metro station are free-standing, pavilion-like buildings. The metro station was designed by PES-Arkkitehdit Oy.

Antti Tanttu’s artwork “Juurtuminen” (Putting down roots) is a graphically stylised network of roots that spans almost the entire length of the platform.


The Kaitaa metro station is located in the Kaitaa area, which is dominated by single-family homes.  The Kaitaa metro station’s main entrance is on Kaitaantie road. Direct access is provided from the Kaitaantie entrance to the platform by both lifts and escalators. The street address of entrance is  Kaitaantien 14.

The station also has a second entrance at Iivisniemenkallio which serves as a reserve entrance. The Iivisniemenkallio entrance was not opened to passengers when metro services started.  Direct lift access is provided from the entrance to the platform. The street address of entrance is Hannuskallio 5.

The station and entrances are wheelchair-accessible.

HSL’s web page

HSL is responsible for planning and acquiring public transport for its operating area. On HSL’s web page Metro to Kivenlahti, you can find more information about the new metro section, the locations of entrances and bus stops, park and ride spaces and the feeder network route.

Kaitaa as an area in Espoo

Kaitaa is mostly a neighbourhood of detached homes. The City of Espoo is developing the area around the Kaitaa metro station, including its surrounding block, where the Kaitaa metro centre’s apartment buildings are being built.

The Kaitaa metro station. Photo: M. Partanen.

The Kaitaa metro station. Photo: M. Partanen.

The Kaitaa metro station. Photo: M. Partanen.

The Kaitaa metro station. Photo: M. Partanen.