Siemens to supply West Metro’s second phase with fire alarm systems

The fire alarm systems for West Metro’s Matinkylä-Kivenlahti section will be supplied by Siemens. The project will begin immediately with implementation planning. The first deliveries to the worksite will take place in a year’s time. The value of the agreement is EUR 4.4 million.

Siemens’ delivery will include fire alarm systems, linear heat detector systems for the rail tunnels and user interfaces for these at the stations.

“West Metro is one of the world’s safest metro systems. The majority of West Metro’s 52 systems are specifically related to safety during exceptional situations such as fires. Siemens’ solution meets the strict technical requirements set for the system. Siemens is also an experienced and competent supplier,” says Raimo Kaunismäki, Technical Director at Länsimetro Oy.

The systems to be supplied will be connected to the previously supplied control rooms for the fire alarm systems, after which the entire metro’s fire alarm systems will form a coherent whole. The systems cover all of the five new stations being built.

“The agreement is an indication of trust in a job well done and an excellent continuation of West Metro’s first phase,” says Jari Salminen, Senior Key Account Manager at Siemens.

West Metro’s second phase is estimated to reach completion in 2023. The excavation phase ended in 2018 and came in at EUR 14 million under budget. The rail line and five stations have moved on from excavation to the construction phase, which is proceeding according to schedule. HVAC and electricity work is already ongoing at the Sammalvuori depot.

Up until 2022, construction will continue at the stations and on the rail line after which we will move on to the commissioning phase, which includes the acceptance of contracts, a comprehensive testing phase and approvals by public authorities. Länsimetro Oy will have completed its task when the metro is handed over to the operator so that preparations for transit operations can begin.

Further information:
Länsimetro Oy, Technical Director Raimo Kaunismäki, tel. +358 050 390 6670, raimo.kaunismaki(at)

Siemens Osakeyhtiö, Senior Key Account Manager Jari Salminen, tel. +358 050 469 5192, jari.salminen(@)