Länsimetro selects Congrid Oy to manage quality and safety

Länsimetro has selected software company Congrid Oy, specialised in construction site quality and safety management and monitoring, as its partner for West Metro’s Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section.

Together, they have created a solution for the construction project through which Länsimetro can monitor in real time the safety situation, progress of quality inspections and the overall situation at each worksite. The solution offers a simple software tool for combining all of the worksite’s operations into a single package.

“In West Metro’s second phase we are building five stations, 14 kilometres of rail line and an underground depot. One station corresponds with the construction of a medium-sized shopping mall, albeit underground. We need the tools for managing and monitoring the big picture. Congrid is excellent for use at worksites,” says Länsimetro Oy’s Construction Director Tero Palmu.

This collaboration allows Länsimetro to monitor the quality and safety indicators of the construction project’s various phases in real time.

“We want to help this significant project and the people involved to reach their targets. We are grateful for this opportunity and the trust placed in us by Länsimetro,” says Congrid’s Sales Manager Oskar Smeds.

Data on a project of this size cannot be splintered into parts.

“We believe that Congrid offers unique possibilities for data-driven project management, and that by harnessing our software for hundreds of professionals to use, the results can be expected to be nothing short of excellent,” Smeds continues.