Strabag Oy wins ’Safest Metro Construction Site’ competition

The winner of the Länsimetro ‘Safest Metro Construction Site’ competition is Strabag Oy’s rail line project between Keilaniemi and Urheilupuisto. The review period was from July to December, 2013. The competition is organised semiannually with all current projects participating.

The current Länsimetro projects were assessed on the basis of accident frequency and civil engineering measurements (‘MVR’ in Finnish, referring to the assessment and development of safety at civil engineering construction sites). The MVR measurements for each project were weighted by 80% in the evaluation, and accident frequency by 20%.

The competition emphasised MVR measurements. Each contractor makes a weekly MVR measurement round to determine the situation and safety level at the site. These weekly inspections reveal any shortcomings in construction site safety while acknowledging the things that have been carried out properly.

The construction site was presented with the Länsimetro ‘Safest Metro Construction Site’ competition trophy, a gilded piece of rail track.