Spring brings bicycles to streets – caution should be exercised around worksites

The first days of spring draw keen cyclists and moped riders onto the streets. From the perspective of worksite traffic, excited people who forget other road users may, however, cause problems.

“Everyone should observe traffic regulations. We hope that parents teach their children that braking does not bring heavy-duty machines to a stop as fast as cars. You have to exercise caution near them,” says Minna Alantie, supervisor of the Sammalvuori metro depot, who meets heavy-duty machines in her daily work.

Drivers slow down near children – avoid unexpected moves

Alantie advises road users of all ages to ensure that the machine driver sees them. You can, for example, greet the driver and wait for an answer or try to make eye contact with him.

“It is typical for moped riders, in particular, to move suddenly from the cycle lane to the driveway and back again. This puts the users of both lanes to risk. You should always indicate to other road users where you are going to prevent confusion,” Alantie says.

Traffic lights often change at the same time for different user groups, but it is advisable to be patient even then. By jumping from one lane to another, you might save a little time but you also put yourself and others to risk with your unexpected moves.

“We slow down when there are children about, and we have also instructed our rock hauling subcontractors to slow down near schools. Our cooperation with the subcontractors has worked well,” says Alantie.

Traffic arrangements that are safe for everyone

Safety assessments are carried out weekly at the worksite, and they also include going through traffic issues. It is ensured at the site that the equipment is in good condition, speeds are controlled, and machine drivers are instructed how to act when driving outside the worksite.

Sometimes temporary traffic arrangements must be made near the worksite, and in this case the aim is always to ensure that they are safe for all user groups. If traffic arrangements are changed, a permission is always required from the City of Espoo.

“In Espoonlahti, for example, the different construction sites have to coordinate many things. In addition to the west metro site, there is also the shopping centre Lippulaiva’s construction site. Special caution should be exercised in this area, as there are several construction sites and a lot of worksite traffic,” says Alantie.

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