Bird nesting season taken into account at the Finnoo site – drilling can be continued in the summer

Länsimetro takes the annual bird nesting season into account in its construction work. The Suomenlahdentie shaft of the Finnoo metro construction site is located close to a wetland serving as a nesting place for birds. On-site noise level measurements were carried out in order to find out what kind of work can be continued without disturbing nesting. The aim was to ensure that construction work does not subject the bird wetland to highly disturbing noise, which is prohibited by the zoning provision.

A total of seven measurements were carried out at the northern parts of the Suomenoja bird reservoirs. They showed that, as long as certain arrangements are made on the site, anchor and bolt drilling as well as excavating can be continued even during the summer. The work will be performed in a vertical shaft surrounded by noise damping elements about 4.5 to 10 metres below ground level.

“The measurements showed that drilling slightly increased background noise at the wetland side. We will therefore move the compressor that produces energy for the drilling to a more sheltered location behind the noise barrier and build a plywood wall behind it. This allows us to continue anchor and bolt drillings even in the summer,” says Tuomo Orpana, supervisor at the Finnoo construction site.

Tunnel excavation has continued normally all the time, and it will also continue during the summer. However, open excavation is suspended until the end of the nesting period, i.e. 15 August.

The measurements also showed that the noise from the site is steady in nature, which does not disturb birds in the same way as sudden loud noises that would make birds take flight and disturb nesting.

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