Over 90 per cent of excavation contracts already agreed

Contractors for the Tapiola and Niittykumpu station and metro tunnel excavation selected – over 90 per cent of excavation contracts already agreed

Skanska Infra Oy has won the excavation contract for Tapiola’s station, metro and connection tunnels, as well as one shaft. In addition to the Tapiola station, the contract includes Tapiola’s turnaround track. In this contract, two approximately 1.3 kilometre-long metro tunnels will be excavated, in addition to a turnaround track of about 400 m. The value of the contract is close to MEUR 22.

Skanska Infra excavates Tapiola’s southern work tunnel. “From the excavation perspective, it’s good that the same contractor also continues as the excavator for the station and metro tunnels,” says Matti Kokkinen, CEO for Länsimetro Oy.

The Niittykumpu excavation contract was won by YIT Rakennus Oy

The contract includes the excavation of the station, access tunnel, metro and connection tunnels and two shafts. Two approximately 1.5 kilometre-long metro tunnels will be excavated during the contract. Its value is MEUR 21.6.

“At the moment, Niittykumpu has been reserved for a future metro station. A development plan project that aims at the development of the area is in progress at the moment. With the contract now beginning, preparations are being made for the future development of the area, and the goal is that the work on the Niittykumpu station will be launched in accordance with the same timetable as the other stations,” Matti Kokkinen declares.

The excavation contracts for the west metro have been agreed to the tune of 92 per cent, and one-tenth of the rail tunnels have already been excavated. The tunnel excavations will be ready in 2013. The first station contracts will already be initiated in 2012. After this, the rail contract’s next in the queue, as well as the installation and testing of the automatic train system. The west metro will be fully completed at the end of 2015.

The progress of the west metro excavations can be followed on the Internet at http://seuranta.lansimetro.fi/ (Work-monitoring service).

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