Construction work of the west metro advances in Matinkylä

The second phase of the matinkylä excavation work starts in July, as the Swedish contractor Oden starts their work. The work covers the excavtion of two 1.8 km tunnels, the end of the work tunnel, as well as a station and two shafts. In addition, the work includes open excavation on top of the future metro station, next to Iso Omena. All work will be carried out inside the fenced areas. The Matinkylä excavations will last around two years until November 2013.

Inspection of nearby property

Before the construction work is begun, the property nearby the excavation locations will be inspected. The inspections are conducted by Oy Finnrock Ab, authorized by Länsimetro Oy, and they will inform the tenants 1-2 weeks prior to the inspection.

Contact information

Worksite on-duty 24 h phone line 050 520 3423
Site office: Suomenlahdentie 7
Oden: Site manager Olof Korvi tel. +46 706 996 536

Inspections, vibration insulation and measurements

Kari Saukkonen, tel. 010 832 1300