Länsimetro closes its construction-time feedback channels

The construction contracts for the metro stations and rail line reached completion on 13 May 2022. The feedback channels that operated during construction have therefore also been closed, since the metro’s construction no longer causes disturbances to the areas surrounding the metro stations.

Information concerning Länsimetro’s other construction work and the parties providing additional information is available, for instance, on Länsimetro’s website and in the worksite news releases. With respect to construction, the following construction contracts are currently under way:

The contact details of Länsimetro Oy experts are available on Länsimetro’s website.

HSL is there to answer questions about metro and feeder traffic

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) is responsible for planning and acquiring public transport for its operating area. Your questions concerning, e.g. metro and feeder traffic, such as feeder buses, public transport tickets and travel times, are answered by Helsinki Region Transport (HSL), HSL’s customer service.

Urban Environment Customer Service

Urban construction is taking place in the vicinity of several West Metro stations. Questions about Espoo’s metro station areas and urban development can be directed to Espoo’s Urban Environment Customer Service.

Questions about Helsinki’s metro station areas and urban development can be directed to Helsinki’s Urban Environment Division’s Customer Services.