Kivenlahti park and ride facility reaches topping out milestone

Länsimetro is commissioning the Kivenlahti park and ride facility, which is being implemented by Fira Oy. Construction of the Kivenlahti park and ride facility began in November 2021, and it will be completed in spring 2023. The park and ride facility’s topping out milestone was celebrated on the construction site in early September. HVAC and electrical work and roof work, among other things, are currently under way. The work to be carried out in the autumn includes the installation of elevators and solar panels, levelling and painting, as well as work on the building’s facade.

Approximately 650 park and ride spaces for cars, as well as electric car charging points and 50 parking spaces for bicycles, are being built in the parking facility. The parking facility is located on the western side of the Kivenlahti metro station, next to the station’s western entrance building. When metro traffic starts up in 2023, the western entrance cannot be opened to commuters due to other construction projects in the area.

The construction contracts for the metro stations and track of the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section ended in May 2022. The Länsimetro construction project will hand over the section to Metropolitan Area Transport in the autumn, marking the end of the largest infrastructure, HVAC and electricity and automation project in Finland. When construction ends, Metropolitan Area Transport and HSL will conduct preparatory work related to the start of commuter traffic. The precise date of the start-up of metro service will become clearer as the work progresses.

Construction of the Kivenlahti park and ride facility began in November 2021. The building reached its topping out milestone at the start of September. Photo: M. Partanen.