Board of Länsimetro Oy, summary of decisions – 22 January 2018

The Board was presented the situation on the final financial statement of the first phase of the West Metro, the Ruoholahti-Matinkylä section. The final financial statements are currently being prepared. Incomplete construction projects for the first phase still include the southern entrance in Tapiola and the western entrance in Matinkylä. The construction of both entrances is tied to the schedules of other ongoing construction projects in their respective areas. In Tapiola, the entrance is situated below the currently developed Ainoa 3, and in Matinkylä, it is built in connection with the upcoming hotel in the so-called Tynnyripuisto area.

Status updates on the maintenance and servicing of the first phase of the West Metro, the Ruoholahti-Matinkylä section, were presented to the Board. Länsimetro Oy handed over the stations and rail to HKL for the initiation of traffic on 3 October 2017. The rail, its technical systems and the eight stations remained in the ownership of Länsimetro Oy. HKL shall report to Länsimetro Oy on the use of the rail and stations and the related service and maintenance tasks as agreed.

The incentive scheme for the second phase of the West Metro, the Matinkylä-Kivenlahti section, was presented to the Board.

The Board received a status update on the risk management of the second phase.

The next meeting will be held on 28 February.

Further information:

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