Technical management expert with experience from HKL and VR joins West Metro as maintenance manager

Janina Lempinen (B. Eng. in automation engineering) joined the West Metro project on 8 January 2018 as a maintenance manager.

Lempinen supervises repairs and maintenance of the rail and stations of the first phase of the West Metro from Ruoholahti to Matinkylä. The rail and stations were handed over to HKL on 3 October 2017 as part of their opening for traffic, but the eight stations and the rail line with its technical systems remained in the ownership of Länsimetro Oy.

Lempinen’s responsibilities include the monitoring of maintenance of the stations and technical systems and the development of these in cooperation with HKL.

Lempinen joined the West Metro project from HKL, where she worked as a technical depot manager. She also has experience of working as a building services engineering expert and technical manager with VR Group until 2015. She is therefore familiar with a variety of operating environments and properties related to rail traffic.

“The West Metro presented an exciting opportunity for both my career and personal development. The West Metro systems are more modern and technically advanced than those found in the older section of the metro line, and provide an opportunity to learn about challenging and complex overall systems”, Lempinen says.

In her first days in her new position, Lempinen is reviewing various contracts and visiting the metro stations in person.