Metro infrastructure that stands the test of time

The metro was built for the long term and must operate for many decades. The tunnel and frame structures will stand the test of time, despite the challenging tunnel conditions, but various lighter structures and systems will reach the end of their life cycle much earlier. These are maintained and serviced according to carefully drawn up maintenance plans, and they are replaced if necessary to ensure that the metro operates efficiently and safely throughout its lifetime.

A key element of sustainable metro infrastructure ownership is to anticipate and plan repair and development investments in both the short and long term, taking into account costs, safety and functionality. An up-to-date maintenance log is a key part of the metro infrastructure’s life-cycle planning and responsible ownership. Up-to-date information ensures seamless operations and effective life-cycle management at all phases. This requires continuously maintaining and developing Länsimetro’s data management model to ensure that the processes for maintaining the metro infrastructure are efficient and the required information is readily available for the metro infrastructure’s day-to-day maintenance. Responsible metro infrastructure ownership means repair and maintenance backlogs do not arise.