Ruoholahti–Matinkylä section’s project plan was EUR 1,171 million. The corresponding budget approved by the cities of Espoo and Helsinki in 2016 was EUR 1,186 million. The final costs of the project are EUR 15 million under budget.

The index-adjusted budget for the construction project, to the extent laid down in the original project plan (2008), is EUR 849 million (project plan EUR 714 million + index adjustment EUR 135 million). As the construction progressed, the scope of the work carried out during the West Metro project changed considerably from what was specified in the original project plan. The changes improved the metro, making it better suited to the changing urban structure, but they also affected the project’s overall costs.

For example, the areas required for technical spaces grew by even more than 50 per cent as a result of the need for more smoke-extraction ducts, and due to raising the technical facility systems from below the platforms to a higher position as a precaution against possible water damage. One decision that resulted in an important improvement for commuters was to make all entrances wheelchair accessible. Under the original project plan, only one wheelchair-accessible entrance was planned at every station. These improvements increased the metro stations’ construction costs and were among the biggest cost changes in the entire project.

Changing and developing the urban environment near the metro stations also had an impact on the project costs. For example, the size of the aboveground building at the Koivusaari metro station grew significantly to accommodate a second-floor entrance. The change was carried out to take into account the city’s plan to build a road between the metro building and the Länsiväylä highway.

If the first phase of the West Metro had been realised only to the extent laid down in the project plan, the costs would have amounted to an estimated EUR 933 million, and the cost overrun would have been altogether less than 10 per cent in relation to the index-adjusted project plan. The project plan that was approved in 2008 did not take into account the risk reserve that is usual for projects of this size. The risk reserve for major projects is typically around 10 per cent. Considered in relation to the scope laid down in the project plan, and taking the risk reserve into account, the costs for West Metro do not substantially deviate from the planned costs.

In addition to the actual project plan, the Niittykumpu station and Matinkylä’s western entrance (which were not included in the project plan that was approved in 2008) were implemented in connection with the Ruoholahti-Matinkylä section, and the implementation of the Matinkylä bus terminal was amended to comply with the requirements of the Matinkylä Metro Centre.

The precise final costs for implementing phase one will be known once the final stages of work, which are currently under way, are completed. Ongoing work in phase one includes, for instance, construction work on the west entrance to the Matinkylä station.

Ground surveys 5 M
Project planning 6 M
Transfer of networks 16 M
Excavation 317 M
Construction 369 M
HVAC and electricity 195 M
Track engineering 92 M
Commissioning 3 M
Planning 54 M
Construction management and administration 73 M
Park & ride facilities 39 M
Project expansions to be financed separately
Making the Niittykumpu station option a station 50 M 47 M
Making Matinkylä’s bus terminal underground 17 M 18 M
Matinkylä’s western entrance 11 M 15 M
Financing costs 49 M 45 M
COSTS, TOTAL 1,297 M 1,311 M
State’s share – 250 M – 249 M
Owners’ share of financing 1,047 M 1,062 M
Budget – Actual cost 15 M