Espoo City Council addressed and approved an adjusted project plan for the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section on 19 March 2018. The adjusted cost estimate for phase two is EUR 1,159 million. The section will be handed over to the operator in 2023. Länsimetro Oy regularly reports on the progress of the project, the actual costs and any changes from what was forecasted to the City of Espoo.

The second phase of the West Metro is proceeding on the whole within the budget stated in the project’s financing decision.

The project parts of the project plan’s cost estimate are presented at the November 2017 value. The cost estimate for the metro stations includes the excavation of the metro and service tunnels, the construction contracts for the stations, the HVAC, electricity and systems installations, and track engineering.

The actual costs of the project’s implementation parts include the construction industry’s cost increase after the preparation of the cost estimate. For that, an inflation adjustment reserve has been provided for in the project plan’s cost estimate; the value of the reserve is roughly 6 per cent of the value of the project parts (EUR 74 million in total).

By autumn 2021, the accumulated construction costs amounted to EUR 898 million. During the project’s implementation, planning tasks were transferred from the construction contracts for implementation by the contractor. For that reason, the actual cost of planning has exceeded the project plan’s cost estimate. Construction management costs are also expected to exceed the project plan’s cost estimate. This is mainly due to the increase in the scope of the commissioning and testing phase.

Cost estimate and actual costs (EUR) 2021

Cost estimate Actual cost
Finnoo 159 M 152 M
Kaitaa 131 M 106 M
Soukka 146 M 112 M
Espoonlahti 149 M 112 M
Sammalvuori 103 M 106 M
Kivenlahti 167 M 125 M
Park & ride facilities 75 M
Construction total 930 M 712 M
Planning 81 M 98 M
Construction contracting 88 M 88 M
Project reserve 60 M
Project plan 1 159 M 898 M
Index adjustment 74 M
Financing 59 M 19 M
Total costs 1 292 M 916 M
Government subsidy – 260 M – 223 M
Project’s financing need 1 032 M 694 M

The cost estimate for the project plan is presented at the November 2017 value.