Take an art tour around the metro worksites starting on Espoo Day

The metro worksite fences from Finnoo to Kivenlahti will come alive with art created by 12 individuals or groups.

Street art will liven up the areas surrounding the future metro stations starting on Espoo Day, 28 and 29 August 2020. In the West Metro’s low-threshold street art project, 12 artists or groups were given the opportunity to realise their artwork on the fences of the metro worksites. The project includes private individuals – children and adults alike – as well as players such as Espoon kirjailijat ry, a scouts group, Espoo day-care centres and the Deaconess Foundation.

There are a total of 14 pieces of artwork, and they can be found on the fences of the metro worksites, from Finnoo to Kivenlahti. The fence artwork was created using a range of techniques, including spray painting, acrylic painting, printed work and text. The artistic creations will brighten up the residential environments until summer 2021.

The themes of the street art strongly reflect the distinguishing features of the surrounding residential areas and matters that are important to residents of Espoo. Espoo’s impressive natural landscape, forests, animals and proximity to the sea are highlighted in much of the artwork.

Work is proceeding on schedule – construction to end in 2023

The West Metro project involves the construction of five new stations (Finnoo, Kaitaa, Soukka, Espoonlahti and Kivenlahti), seven kilometres of rail line and an underground depot. Construction is under way at all stations and on the rail line, and the depot has already reached the testing phase. All work is proceeding on schedule. Construction will end when the Matinkylä-Kivenlahti section is handed over to the traffic operator HKL in 2023. HSL will decide on the start of traffic.

Art is also a key part of the new Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section’s metro station architecture. The aim is to make the stations more attractive, inviting and recognisable. The creations represent different forms of art – light, sound, paintings and sculptures. Read more about the station art here.