Supply train crashes into stationary test drive train at Koivusaari station

A supply train which had brought construction supplies to the west metro building site crashed into a stationary metro train on the northern line at Koivusaari station, at around 00.30 hrs on Thursday morning. No one was injured in the accident. The supply train and stationary M300 metro train were slightly damaged.

Metro trains are being used for test driving on the west metro, but by the time of the accident the test drives had ceased and the test drive area had been handed over as a construction site. The line has been used for transporting construction supplies since the end of the test driving. General rules have been agreed for the transport of construction supplies. The cause of the accident is being investigated.

– HKL will investigate the causes of the accident alongside Länsimetro Oy. “HKL handles the transportation of supplies for the west metro construction site and ensuring safety on construction sites is our number one priority,” said Ville Lehmuskoski, Managing Director of Helsinki City Transport HKL.

– The accident will not affect construction work on the west metro. “Occupational safety is important, which means that we need to carefully investigate the accident and make sure that similar incidents do not occur in the future,” commented Matti Kokkinen, CEO of Länsimetro Oy.

Further information:
Matti Kokkinen, CEO, Länsimetro Oy, tel. +358 50 3471558
Ville Lehmuskoski, Managing Director, HKL, tel. +358 40 5206710