Summary of Länsimetro’s meeting of the Board of Directors on 27 February 2020

A status report on the construction of the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section was presented to the Board. Construction is progressing in line with the project plan’s schedule and budget.

The Technical Director presented the commissioning plan for the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section. The commissioning phase of the depot has begun.

The construction status for park and ride facilities and bicycle parking for the Matinkylä-Kivenlahti section was presented to the Board. According to a decision by the Espoo City Board, the 1,300 park and ride spaces in the West Metro’s extension will be implemented as follows:

  • 700 spaces in Kivenlahti
  • 250 spaces in Espoonlahti
  • 50 spaces in Soukka
  • 50 spaces in Kaitaa
  • 250 spaces in Finnoo

The total number of parking spaces will be reduced by 300 altogether. The freed-up resources will be allocated to implementing high-quality bicycle parking.

A review has been carried out of the possibility of adding park and ride spaces for bicycles along the West Metro, and design guidelines for the bicycle park and ride facilities have been drawn up by the City of Espoo. Länsimetro will build at least the bicycle parking spaces specified in the project plan and carry out quantitative and qualitative improvements where viable for the entire Espoo section.

The first environmental statement for the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section was presented to the Board.

The Board authorised the CFO or a representative appointed by him to launch a tender process for and conclude an agreement on financing up to a maximum of EUR 100 million in one loan or up to a maximum of EUR 640 million in several loans. The tender for financing will be carried out jointly with the City of Espoo’s finance department.

The 2019 financial statements were presented to the Board. The entire financial statements will be presented as part of Espoo’s consolidated reporting.

The Board was presented a status report on the repair work on the floor of the Koivusaari metro station’s platform level, which will take place in the summer.  A status report on the water damage that occurred at Keilaniemi on the night between the 30th and 31st of January was given to the Board.

The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on 26 March 2020.

Further information:
Olli Isotalo, Chairman of the Board of Länsimetro Oy, tel. +358 (0)50 593 3359
Ville Saksi, CEO, Länsimetro Oy, tel. +358 (0)40 823 2086
Media contacts: Satu Linkola, Communications Director, tel. +358 (0)46 877 3392