Sneak peek at a metro worksite: Metro stations already adorned with art

Art will be incorporated into the architecture of every metro station along the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section. The aim is to make the stations more attractive, inviting and recognisable. The metro stations will feature art in various forms – light, sound, paintings and sculptures. Read more about the metro station art.

The artwork is beginning to appear at the metro stations. Below is a glimpse of some of the artwork in the metro stations.

Kuvassa näkyy Leena Nion Haavekuvia-teos, jonka paneeleissa on mm. joutsen, kukka ja simpukka.

The Finnoo metro station will feature Leena Nio’s figurative “Haavekuvia” (Dream images), the panels for which have been installed in the metro platforms. The maritime theme runs throughout Nio’s artwork, with details inspired by the seashore. You can follow the progress of Nio’s artwork on Instagram:

Kuvassa näkyy Antti Tantun Juurtuminen-teoksen juuria metrolaiturin seinässä.

Antti Tanttu’s “Juurtuminen” (Putting down roots) is now installed in the Kaitaa metro station. The piece is a graphically stylised network of roots, spanning almost the entire length of the platform. You can follow Tanttu on Instagram:

Kuvassa näkyy Taneli Rautiaisen Sfäärit-teoksen valaistusta.

The lights of Taneli Rautiainen’s “Sfäärit” (Spheres) art installation can be seen at the Soukka metro station. The installation consists of four different elements (spheres), which are located vertically in different parts of the metro station from the platform level to the ticket hall. The installation consists of lights and metal sheet structures reminiscent of a rock cutting. You can follow Rautiainen  on Instagram 

Kuva on havainnekuva Espoonlahden metrolaiturilta, jossa näkyy Hans Rosenströmin Varjot veden pinnalla-teosta.

The Espoonlahti metro station will feature Hans Rosenström’s light and sound installation “Varjot veden pinnalla” (Shadows on the water). A slowly moving pattern of light, reminiscent of light reflected from the surface of water, will be projected onto the ceiling of the platform’s mid-section. The installation includes a quietly humming human voice. The sounds for Rosenström’s work were recorded at the turn of the year. You can follow Rosenström on Instagram:

Kalle Mustonen’s sculpture “Kulkijat” (Wanderers) is making its way to the Kivenlahti metro station. The creation consists of two approximately two- and three-metre-high humoristic wooden figures in the middle of the metro platform. You can follow Mustonen on Instagram:

Kuvassa näkyy kaksi oranssia osaa Kalle Mustosen Kulkijat-veistoksesta.

On the Construction pages you can follow the progress of a few key construction projects and installations at the stations and on the rail line from the War Room (in Finnish). You can also see some completed installations and the progress of testing.