Site Manager appointed for Finnoo station

Claes Stigzelius (MSc. Eng.) has been appointed as Site Manager of the Länsimetro project from 1 January 2018. Stigzelius will serve as the Site Manager, based at the Finnoo station, of the Matinkylä-Kivenlahti section.

“As Site Manager, I will be in charge of construction alongside the Real Estate Development Manager. For example, I will engage in contract negotiations with contractors and be in close contact with them while the construction site is in place. When construction begins, I will spend more and more of my day on the construction site,” says Stigzelius.

Stigzelius is transferring to the West Metro project as a Project Management Consultant for other Sweco PM projects. Before Sweco PM, he was an entrepreneur for around 20 years, leading his own construction consultancy firm. During his career, he has been involved in the construction of buildings such as Biltema and Plantagen stores.

“The West Metro is a new kind of challenge for me, since it is such a large project. It will be great to learn how such a large organisation works,” says Stigzelius.

During his first month involved with the West Metro, Stigzelius has familiarised himself with the project by attending meetings and studying construction plans – as well as getting to know other West Metro employees.

“This seems like a good and relaxed work community, where you can be yourself,” says Stigzelius.

Claes Stigzelius