A new project engineer for Kaitaa – experience from building the Lauttasaari Station

Joni Kukko (civil engineer, AMK) has started as the project engineer for the Kaitaa Station in the Länsimetro project.

The project is now in its acquisition phase, and Kukko will start his work by going through the contract and tender documents. After the construction work begins he will be seen more often at the worksite also.

Kukko said, “In addition to the worksite my work also includes supervision of billing and schedules.”

Kukko transferred to the Länsimetro project from Skanska, where he worked as a production engineer and in work direction activities for a total of four years. He was involved in, among other things, the building of the Lauttasaari Metro Station.

“My earlier work was very worksite oriented, so the project engineer job is a significant change for me. I will get more into work that corresponds to my education, and this is just the right place to do so,” said Kukko, who specialized in project management and production in his engineer education.

Kukko, who observed construction on a contractor side earlier, is waiting to observe construction from the perspective of the client.

“I have considered construction jobs earlier also, and I became interested when this opportunity came along. I expect above all else to develop and grow as an engineer. This is such a large project that everything possible will be seen in it,” said Kukko.

Joni Kukko