Rubber mats placed over Opettajantie shaft as noise reduction measures

The Opettajantie shaft at the Länsimetro work site in Espoonlahti has now been bored through to the ground surface. This means that noise from work carried out in the tunnel below will now be more audible at ground level.

“The noise will carry in a different way now that the shaft is open, and explosion gas may also be visible,” says Irina Juppi, who supervises the Espoonlahti work site.

Noise coming from the tunnel has been reduced using heavy rubber mats placed over the shaft. If you do however hear new and different noises, or see explosion gas created by explosive work, there is no need to worry. Normal metro excavation work is being carried out in the tunnel: excavation and drainage. Work on an excavation beam is currently under way at the entrance to Espoonlahdenkatu.

No ground-level work relating to the shaft itself is yet under way at the Opettajantie shaft. Channel excavation at the shaft will begin from week 31. Work to reinforce the shaft will begin in mid-August and is estimated to continue for one and a half months. Excavation work on the base will also be carried out in the lower part of the shaft.

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