Excavation of West Metro’s Espoonlahdentori entrance to begin in September/October

Various work phases related to the excavation of the Espoonlahdentori entrance will begin at Länsimetro’s Espoonlahti site in August.

Work associated with the collar structure of the shaft is already ongoing but does not cause any disturbance to the environment. Excavation drilling for the shaft will begin around week 33 (the week beginning on 14 August), and the actual excavation will begin at the turn of September/October. During the excavation phase, the drilling, blasting and loading of excavated rock will cause noise to the environment.

The excavation and reinforcement of the entrance will take approximately two months. Work at the site is done in accordance with the noise permit.

For further information, please contact:

Länsimetro feedback phone number (Mon–Fri 9.00–15.00): +358 (0)50 377 3700

Hotline for the site (24/7): +358 (0)40 637 5377

You can follow the progress of the excavations at the Länsimetro monitoring service