Public spaces are allowed to impress and awaken experiences – a new video series unveils the stories behind the West Metro’s eight stations from an artistic and architectural perspective

On Wednesday, 18 November 2020, it will be three years since the start of commuter traffic on the West Metro’s Ruoholahti–Matinkylä section and the inauguration of the eight new stations. In addition to the modern technological systems that guarantee functionality and safety, from the very beginning, the architectural planning of the new stations took into account different user groups, the location of the station and lighting. Each of the eight stations has its own unique identity, where the underground facilities engage in dialogue with the aboveground station environment and its characteristic features.

Länsimetro and Espoo’s City Events have collaboratively produced an eight-part video series, DESIGN.TUNNE.METRO., which will transport the viewer on an inspiring metro journey from Lauttasaari to Matinkylä. The journalist Riku Rantala explains in the videos how Otaniemi’s culturally significant linden alley was accounted for in the planning, how Lauttasaari’s dismantled iconic water tower is part of the metro station and why Tapiola station is a brilliant white.

The metro is an everyday mode of transport for its users and the video series encourages them to focus their gaze on the aesthetics of this backdrop to their daily lives and the small, carefully designed details. The West Metro’s stations are cultural destinations open to all city residents.

Watch the DESIGN.TUNNE.METRO. videos with your guide Riku Rantala. (videos only in Finnish)

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