Open excavation accident at Kivenlahti causes 13 windows to break

On 29 July at 9 am, rocks flew into nearby properties during the construction of water and sewage connections near the Kivenlahdentori metro station entrance. Fire water and household water pipelines and rainwater and wastewater sewer pipelines and their wells are being constructed for the city of Espoo, near the metro entrance. In addition, a new district heating pipeline is under construction. Despite the safety precautions taken during the excavation of the pipeline trenches, some rocks hurtled into the nearby properties.

In a residential building located three metres away from the open excavation area, a total of five windowpanes broke in windows or balconies. In a partially empty commercial building next door, and 25 metres from the construction site, eight windowpanes broke. The contractor has met with the residents and agreed on repairs. The repair of the windows in the commercial building will be agreed on with the building’s manager.

Before the open excavation, passage to the area was restricted. During blasting, the security guard does not allow anyone to enter the area. In open excavation, areas to be blasted are carefully covered with blasting mats. In this case, too, blasting mats were in place. Despite the precautions taken, some rocks blasted out from under the mats.

When the accident happened, the contractor immediately isolated the area, ensured that no one was injured and contacted the residents. An investigation into the cause of the incident is ongoing.

Concrete and reinforcement work is under way at the Kivenlahti metro station, and work on the technical building services has also begun. The accident will not affect the construction work. Excavation of the pipeline trenches continues today, in line with the original plan.

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