Trench excavation at Seitsenmerenreitti in Kivenlahti completed

The trench excavations that were part of Länsimetro’s Kivenlahti construction contract have reached completion.

The reason for the excavation is because of the construction of water and sewer lines on Seitsenmerenreitti. They are related to both the Kivenlahti metro station’s water and sewer connections and to the public utility lines to be constructed for the City of Espoo. Fire water and household water pipelines and rainwater and wastewater sewer pipelines and their wells are being constructed for the city. In addition, a new district heating pipeline is under construction.

Work on water and sewer connections and district heating for the Kivenlahti metro station and public utility work for the City of Espoo will be completed by the end of October.

We apologise for any inconvenience that the work may cause.

Further information:

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