More resources for the second phase of the West Metro – specialists e.g. in architecture, HPAC and safety automation join the project

The organisation of the second phase of the West Metro has been strengthened with new employees in July and August. Sofia Amberla started as the architect and leading specialist of the MatinkyläKivenlahti section on 7 August. She joined the organisation from the Building Control of the City of Helsinki, where she worked at the Cityscape Unit. Amberla has also experience from the City of Espoo, where she participated in the planning and designing of large construction projects, such as Musiikkitalo the Helsinki Music Centre.

“I have participated both in planning and designing and in supervising planning and designing, and I have followed construction projects from various perspectives, including the perspective of the authorities. The West Metro is an interesting and significant project, which will serve a very large number of people,” Amberla says.

Jari Porkka has worked with safety automation in the project from 1 August. He has previous experience of building automation from Fidelix Oy. The safety systems in the West Metro include fire safety systems, emergency lights, voice evacuation and the access control of the metro.

Samuli Silvast started as a project engineer in the strengthened organisation on 7 August and will be working with procurement. Silvast joined the project from Wise Group Finland Oy, specialised in building and infrastructure construction, where he worked in project management and supervision duties.

Jarkko Aittoniemi started as the design manager of Kaitaa and Kivenlahti  on 5 July. Aittoniemi brings expertise to the project from New Zealand, where he worked at Fletcher EQR in duties related to earthquake damage assessment and repair planning. Aittoniemi has previously also gathered international experience in England, where he designed underground facilities, such as metros and mines.

Länsimetro’s technical building services resources have also been strengthened, as Topi Dahlström and Tommi Saarinen joined the project as HPAC specialists on 7 August. Dahlström has previously worked in HPAC supervision duties at Posiva Oy, specialised in nuclear waste management, and Saarinen has supervisory experience for instance from Vahanen Oy and HKR Rakennuttaja and contracting experience for instance from EMC Talotekniikka Oy. Dahlström and Saarinen will serve, in particular, as HPAC supervisors at the Kaitaa station and the Sammalvuori depot, respectively.

Further information: Ville Saksi, CEO, Länsimetro Oy: +358 (0)40 823 2086, ville.saksi(at)