METRO consortium wins third Safest Metro Worksite competition

For the second time, the West Metro ‘Safest Metro Worksite’ competition was won by METRO, the consortium formed by Destia from Finland and Metrostav a.s. from the Czech Republic. During the period of review, from July to December 2011, not a single accident occurred at the METRO consortium worksite. The competition is organised semi-annually, and all current West Metro projects are participants.

“We are really pleased with winning this for the second time. This says that we are doing things right and focusing on what is essential,” said Vaclav Pavlovsky from Metrostav a.s. as he received the prize.
The current excavation projects of the West Metro were evaluated in the Safest Metro Worksite competition on the basis of accident frequency and civil engineering measurements (MVR).1 The accident frequency for each project was weighted by 60% in the evaluation and MVR measurements by 40%.

In the West Metro context, accident frequency calculation includes both accidents occurring to persons working at a worksite and injuries occurring to third parties through worksite activities. There were no accidents at all at the winning worksite during the competition period. The METRO consortium representative was presented with the West Metro ‘Safest Metro Worksite’ trophy, a gilded piece of rail.

Fourth competition period ongoing

The Safest Metro Worksite competition runs for six months at a time. The fourth competition is currently under way and will end on 30 June 2012. The first competition was won by the METRO consortium and the second by YIT Rakennus Oy.

“The purpose of the competition is to highlight the principles of safe and careful construction. During the current competition period, which extends to the end of June, we will be reversing the weighting percentages: MVR measurement measurements will be weighted by 60% and the accident frequency for each project by 40%. The purpose of this is to highlight the importance of preventive measures. MVR indicators are supportive of safe working practices and orderly workplace management,” says Matti Kokkinen, CEO of West Metro.

The competition jury includes Marjo Vuola from the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment; occupational health and safety engineer Jukka Hietavirta from the South Finland Regional State Administrative Agency; CEO Matti Kokkinen, communications manager Satu Linkola and interaction engineer Reijo Jokela from West Metro; and the overall safety coordinators Ulla Valtonen (planning), Aku Kallio (construction preparation and procurement) and Jorma Teelahti (construction) from Sweco Oy.

Almost 10 km of rail tunnels and more than 4 km of access tunnels have already been excavated for the West Metro. The tunnelling is proceeding at a rate of more than 1 km per month.

1 MVR, known by its Finnish acronym, is an observation-based method for civil engineering measurements to ensure an acceptable level of safety at an earth and water construction worksite. Information is collected on weekly observation rounds about neatness and order at worksites, storage facilities and traffic arrangements, to ensure that protective coverings and exclusion zones are sufficient and in acceptable condition.

More information

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