Mesvac to supply fire sliding doors and fire roller shutter doors for the second phase

Mesvac Oy was chosen as the supplier of fire sliding doors and fire roller shutter doors for the Matinkylä–Kivenlahti section. The total price for the fire sliding doors is EUR 2.4 million and for the fire roller shutter doors, EUR 2.7 million.

The West Metro is built to be one of the safest metro lines in the world. The safety of the metro in emergency situations is ensured, for instance, through the use of fire compartmentation, roof screens, a fire detection system, a video surveillance system and a public address system for emergencies. Furthermore, in order to successfully handle emergency situations, tested fire sliding doors and fire roller shutters are needed for compartmentation and for protection from the spread of fire. 45 fire sliding doors and 33 fire roller shutter doors will be installed for the section. The work includes both door installation and testing.

“The tendering of fire sliding doors and fire roller shutters is a part of the procurement for subcontracts. The project includes a total of 24 subcontracts. “Both door types are required to have a fire resistance class of EI 120 and a pressure resistance of 1.3 kN/m2,” states Raimo Kaunismäki, Technical Director at Länsimetro Oy.

Door installation work will begin in summer 2019.

“When you are responsible for the safety of thousands of passengers, there is no room for compromise. “We have tested products, special expertise and decades of experience in underground construction,” shares Kent Silvan, Managing Director at Mesvac Oy, a company that has been operating for more than 40 years.

The revised cost estimate for the entire project is EUR 1.159 million. The goal is that the seven-kilometre rail line together with its five stations and depot will be handed over to the operator, HKL, during 2023.