Matias Johansson appointed as CFO

Matias Johansson has begun work as Chief Financial Officer of Länsimetro Oy. Matias is responsible for Länsimetro’s funding, financial planning and reporting, as well as contacts with donors. An important part of this task will be the development of cost control during the second phase of the Länsimetro project, linking Matinkylä to Kivenlahti.

“The role of the CFO will involve a significant improvement in Länsitmetro’s financial monitoring and financial reporting to the owners. Another aim is to increase the openness and transparency of cost control”, says Ville Saksi, Managing Director of Länsimetro.

Since the beginning of the year, seven experts have been added to the organisation in charge of the construction of the West Metro line. The project organisation for the second phase will move to joint facilities close to the Iso Omena shopping centre in Olari, Espoo, in May.

“The principle lesson learned from the first phase is that more cooperation is needed between the various parties to the project and communication must be improved. The move to shared premises is perhaps the most concrete development in terms of improving communication. Recruitment is being used to ensure that the project organisation has sufficient resources to complete this huge undertaking, which is a highly demanding automation and building technology project in difficult logistical conditions underground, as well as being a gigantic infrastructure project”, adds Mr Saksi.

Further information: Ville Saksi, Managing Director, Länsimetro Oy, tel. +358 40 823 2086, ville.saksi(at)