Department for Rescue Services to engage in exercises in Tapiola on 10 and 12 April – smoke in the neighbourhood of the station

The Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department will conduct exercises in firefighting and personal rescue on Monday 10 April at the Tapiola station.  The exercises will start at 9 am and last until around 4 pm. They will also continue on the morning of Wednesday 12 April.

The rescue exercises form part of the introduction into service of the West Metro. The purpose of the exercises is to practice rescue missions using the West Metro’s security systems. This is also a cooperation exercise between various actors such as the Rescue Department, the Metro Control Room and other personnel of Helsinki City Transport (HKL), emergency care and the police.

Testing of the smoke extraction system will require the use of smoke. Some smoke will unavoidably reach ground level in the neighbourhood of the exercises. There is no need to call the emergency centre about the smoke, particularly if rescue service vehicles are already close to the scene.

On the morning of 10 April, smoke may appear close to Tapiontori, because the eastern smoke extraction shaft in Tapiola will be tested at that time. In the afternoon of the same day, smoke may appear around the western smoke extraction shaft on Merituulentie Road and in the direction of the Urheilupuisto metro station. On Wednesday 12 April, smoke may be visible close to the shaft on Kelohongantie Road.

Several rescue units will be present during the exercise, which may impede movement around the metro station entrances and the shafts. Members of the general public are asked to avoid unnecessary movement in the area during the exercises.

Further information:

Kalle Ristola, Fire Brigade Chief, Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department, tel 09 8162 8699,

Satu Linkola, Communications Director, Länsimetro Oy, tel. 046 877 3392, satu.linkola(at)