Länsimetro’s excavation continues until August in the proximity of Maakravunkuja

Länsimetro’s phase two work is in progress in the proximity of Maakravunkuja 1. Until now, the excavation under Maakravunkuja 1 has been for a connection rail that connects the Sammalvuori depot to the Espoonlahti tunnel.

The most extensive excavation of the Sammalvuori worksite near Maakravunkuja will be completed during week 23. After this, depot excavation will take place on the north side of Länsiväylä and they will all be completed in October 2017.

After the Sammalvuori excavations, there will be a short break, until the Espoonlahti worksite begins their excavation to puncture a connection to the depot tunnels. This work is estimated to last from midsummer until the end of August.

In addition to excavation, bolting and shotcreting are also performed as tunnel reinforcement measures at the worksites. These work stages will not cause considerable disturbance to residents. Drilling also takes place in the daytime. Loading and transporting excavated rock from the Sammalvuori worksite along Nyökkiönkatu may also take place at night time, in accordance with the noise permit granted by the Finnish Environment Institute.

You can use the Länsimetro monitoring service to follow the progress of the excavation.  Excavated tunnels are shown in green.

Further information:

Länsimetro feedback phone number (Mon–Fri 9.00–15.00): +358 (0)50 377 3700

24-hour hotline for the Sammalvuori depot site: +358 (0)50 343 7233

24-hour hotline for the Espoonlahti site: +358 (0)40 637 5377